Setting up git commit message template with one simple command

Well, if you are lazy as me, or nearly as lazy as me, you must be bored how much steps you have to follow to setup a nice little git commit template to auto populate your ticket number in front and ask for a commit message all the time.

I know, right!!

Okay, lets make it a bit easier.

Before, we continue, let us know about a cool feature of git. In git, you can add a custom command pretty easily. For example, say you want to be able to execute git blah. Well, the implementation is pretty easy, all you need to do is create a file named git-blah without any extension, make it executable. e.g. chmod +x /usr/bin/git-blah and place it in your $PATH variable. Git looks for custom commands in your path and automatically makes them available to you. This works for Windows as well, but you probably don’t need to run the chmodfor the windows.

Well, I did the same thing –

  1. Created a command file named git-setup
  2. Added some codes to it. (I dd get few of those commands from google searching, unfortunately I don’t recall from where 😦 )
  3. Voila.

I have uploaded the commands to github. So, that someone else lazy as me, stays lazy as me. 😉

So, what to do? –

Make sure this command is available to git

  1. Clone the repository from here to any location, that is accessible from command line or bash
  2. Add the path to your $PATH variable.
  3. I didn’t want to contaminate my PATH with a repository location, so I used a symlink to connect to a folder name git-commands and added that folder to PATH. so that I can change it later pretty easily.

The symlink in windows –


The commit message template only works properly with branch naming that follows as hotfix/XXX-999, feature/XXX-999, warmfix/XXX-999, etc formats. You can modify the format if you need. Just edit the code inside the pre-commit-msg file.



#/usr/bin/perl -i.bak -ne 'print unless(m/^. Please enter the commit message/..m/^#$/)' "$COMMIT_MSG_FILE"

ISSUE=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed -n -e 's/.*\/\(feature\|hotfix\|bugfix\|warmfix\)\/\([a-zA-Z].*[0-9]\).*/\2/p')
sed -i.bak "1s/^/\[$ISSUE\] /" "$COMMIT_MSG_FILE"

See it in action

It is pretty simple. Go to you favorite git repository and type git setup. And you are done. It will copy proper file to the git repository.

In addition from the next commit you will see a fancy prefix from your branch ticket number auto added.

Lazy coding!!!!.

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