Not Cool, YouTube! Not Cool.

This is really really annoying. Coming from a company owned by Google, you would expect some intelligence, but I guess you can’t expect that.

A little bit of background, I work at Rokt. Probably few people know about Rokt, we are a marketing tech company, we display targeted advertisements to users, and the rest is kind of known to all. We very dearly care about our end user experience. A thing that all mar-tech company should always care for.

As a consumer of some online business, I would prefer to view some advertisements and I would also prefer those to be related to me. There is not point showing something I already own, nor it it beneficial to show me something I will never own. Which brings into play, user profiling. A process where you profile a user and based on their online footprint you can decide what kind of advertisements to show or not.

I am not hiding from anyone to show me targeted advertisements. Sometimes it really helps me to find out something exactly I was looking for. Also being a part of a mar-tech company, I also know how much we invest and care so that the end user is not annoyed or bombarded with flat, meaningless advertisements that has no value at all. Even, at Rokt, we penalize the advertisements, that were not able to attract an user, let alone clicking Skip button.

Well, being part of a great company, such as Google, you would expect the same from YouTube, won’t you. Well, you can’t.

I use my YouTube with my email and with a logged in account, So – easy to trace, right? They can easily track how many times I have clicked or skipped on a particular ad. And also they know how much time I spent on a particular Website or Web Application.

I spend a lot of hours weekly on Circle CI. Being a Senior Software Engineer, part of my job is to set up CI/CD pipeline for our mobile SDK. And we used Cricle CI for that. So, one would think, being an already customer of Circle CI, using YouTube my own account, Do you really expect to see a Circle CI advertisement, that interests you to purchase a license? You really don’t, do you?

But, yet, every single day, I see about 20 of them, (I am a heavy user of youtube). I click cancel every single time, only to be presented by another Circle CI ad next song.

I am really not sure what sort of user experience they are targeting here, they could be forcing me to purchase a YouTub red account or YouTube just really don’t care about user experience.

At this point, I would say I am really proud of where I work, at Rokt, we take this into account very seriously.

Not cool YouTube, not cool.

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